Once upon a time

CHERRY TREE 1 is the fund where it all began. Investing in startups with vision, untapped market potential and the leadership to bring it to life.


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Hybrid approach

Cherry Tree invests in top tier venture capital (VC) fund managers as well as directly though co-investment opportunities.

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Cherry Tree has invested in over 140 tech companies, adopting an agnostic sector approach (consumers, transportation, financial services).

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Geographical focus

Cherry Tree invests in the U.S. and around the globe, with a focus on the emerging tech in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Since 2014, Cherry Tree has generated a net IRR that outperforms both S&P and Nasdaq: 12% for acquired companies, 2% for dissolved companies, 53% for companies that raised new rounds.

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Cherry Tree uniquely combines entrepreneurship and fund management expertise.

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Already 18 M&A exits involving first tier corporates or successful startups

Cisco, Classpass, Dropbox (IPO realized), General Assembly (bought by Addeco), GoPro, LVMH, Ring (bought by Amazon)

More Investments

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